Shipping To & From Australia

Ship to and from Australia

Online Logistics offer a FULL Door to Door Shipping Service from Australia to New Zealand

Whether you are purchasing a vehicle from a Web Auction or Immigrating across the ditch to New Zealand, the team at Online Logistics can provide you with a full range of shipping services for your vehicle(s) coming out of Australia.

When it comes to shipping vehicles from Australia, Online Logistics has it down packed !!
We offer both a containerized service & a RORO (Roll on, Roll off) from all major ports in both New Zealand & Australia.


Immigrating or Moving Back to New Zealand

If you are a Returning Resident or Immigrant you may be eligible for ZERO GST to Customs but you must fit the following criteria:

1) Must have arrived in New Zealand on the date the motor vehicle is imported, & hold a  
    document authorising residence

2) Must have resided or have been living outside New Zealand for the whole of the 21-month
    period preceding your arrival.

3) Must have personally owned and used the motor vehicle overseas for at least 1 year
    before importing the vehicle.

For more information you can click on the below link to take you to the Customs Fact Sheet
Importing a Private Motor Vehicle

Statutory Write Offs (Damaged Vehicles)

If you are buying or have brought a Statutory Write Off vehicle from an auction such as Pickles or Manheim Auction then we suggest you enquire about our weekly container service from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth
This will help to avoid the additional costs involved in towing on and off on the RORO (Roll on, Roll off) service.


Tips and Advice for buying and shipping from Australia

Vehicle Compliance & Registration
Check that your vehicle complies with New Zealand Road Standards. All vehicles coming into New Zealand from Australia must comply with the NZ Emission Standards.

Petrol powered vehicles must have an ADR plate dated July 2010 or later, diesel vehicles must have an ADR plate dated January 2007 or later.






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