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Here at Online Logistics, we use a number of methods to ship vehicle(s) around the world and it all starts in the country of origin. We can arrange to have your vehicle(s) picked up from anywhere in the world and delivered to the closest port of departure and packed into a container or loaded on to a RORO - roll on, roll off vessel.

As part of our top end service, we will always check to make sure that your vehicle(s) meet New Zealand's legal requirements and is able to be registered on New Zealand roads.

When the vehicle(s) arrives into New Zealand we then arrange custom's clearance and pay the GST and DUTY (if applicable), MPI must then carry out a quarantine inspection on all used vehicle(s) and lastly a NZTA structural border inspection will be done. 

Once all of the above has been completed we can then remove the vehicle(s) from the wharf or bond store and have it delivered to your chosen address or compliance centre.

Tips and FAQ's

GST and Duty:
In New Zealand, cars and trucks are free of duty, caravans are subject to 5% duty and motor-homes 10% duty. Private motor vehicles and aircraft will attract GST only, but boats, camper vans and motor homes will attract tariff duties as well as GST when they are brought in to NZ.

Returning Residents/immigrants:
If you are returning to New Zealand after 21 months or more overseas, or are a new immigrant to New Zealand. You are eligible to bring your private vehicles, campervans, boats or motorcycles into New Zealand GST free. Please be aware that you must also meet the regulatory requirements for each vehicle when importing to New Zealand.

Number One Rule:
Check that your vehicle complies with New Zealand Road Standards!! 





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